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Air conditioning...
How can you live in Southern Florida without it?

A good air conditioning system is important and is surely missed when it stops working. We know your investment in an HVAC system is important. With our skilled repair team and affordable annual maintenance programs, we make sure your system is running in top shape. At Klima Mechanical, our technicians are ready to repair your air conditioning system quickly and at a fair price. As an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, having us come out for our annual maintenance program can save you tons of money in the long run, both in your utility bills and make your HVAC system last longer.

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FPL Participating Independent Contractor.

FPL Indipendent Contractor


Our maintenance plans perform service on equipment to ensure they are working effectively to maximum performance and prolong its life.



Indoor Air Quality is important to the health and safely of your family. There are many things that effect the quality of the air in your home...

Indoor Air Quality


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