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Besides the maintenance, repairs, and sales of air conditioning, heating and ventilation units, Klima Mechanical also provides designing and building of specifically requested systems. Here at Klima Mechanical, we understand that every HVAC systems will not function the same in every location, due to many things like size, power, and placement. Will you be needing a 2-ton, 4-ton, or a 10-ton? Will the air conditioning system you request be able to power the whole building? Will it be efficient all throughout the year? Here are some questions that we take into account when building your system. Call us today, we'll help you design and build your system.

CAD Software.Some companies have to send their measurements and drawings to drafting companies. Not with Klima Mechanical! With our own CAD software, we are able to modify and adjust the drawings at any time. With this, we can provide drawings much more quickly than other companies.

Submittals.For those who don't know, submittals are drawings, material data, or samples provided by a specific contractor. These are done to verify the information for the upcoming project is accurate. With Klima Mechanical, this is how we provide the work. What is on the submittals, after being reviewed by our clients, is how we execute the work requested. No work will be executed without a submittal or proposal.

Design By Specifications.When it comes to a new project, we take everything into consideration. Size of the building, number of people, electrical equipment in the building are just some deciding factors that are necessary when picking a specific air conditioning or heating system. All of our projects are done via submittals and designed by specifications, the exact way our clients requested.

Let us design your next air conditioning or heating project
Tell us what and how you want it and we'll make it happen
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FPL Participating Independent Contractor.

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Our maintenance plans perform service on equipment to ensure they are working effectively to maximum performance and prolong its life.



Indoor Air Quality is important to the health and safely of your family. There are many things that effect the quality of the air in your home...

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Have a question? Get in touch with us. Big or small, we've got a solution when you need it. Our support provide without hold in line.